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over midtown manhattan at around 58th street. officials say inspectors and engineers plan to climb 74 flights to check out the damage. closer look now. meteorologists say that high in the air the wind gusts could well have hit 95 miles per hour. farther downtown, the facade of this building collapsed. this is 14th street around 8th avenue in the chelsey neighborhood. fire officials report nobody hurt. lower manhattan is now in the dark after the utility company con ed cut power to the shush tip of the island. rick leventhal is in point ileasant, new jersey where the storm is either now about to come ashore. in fact, we have just gotten an alert, the center of thehurre landfall within the last seconds. officially in south jersey. and that's where rick leventhal is now. rick? >> yeah, shepard. somebody should tell sandy that she is not a hurricane anymore. she is sure acting like one. i wish we could show you what's going on in the street outside. we will try. you really can't and the video won't do it juse tell you, thera raging, raging river out there on washington avenue. and ocean a
around 80 miles an hour and brought an historic storm surge with it. river flooding in lower manhattan has reached more than 13 feet and officials have now cut power to large parts of lower manhattan. in the west village of manhattan, a building partially collapsed amid the high winds. the top two floors completely exposed to the elements. as the storm approached, high winds caused a crane to collapse, 74 floors up a top a highrise in midtown manhattan. forecasters say the gusty winds that high at that time could have reached 95 miles an hour. in new jersey, much of atlantic city is now underwater. part of the city's historic boardwalk was washed away by the storm. the state's governor chris christie saying any rescue operations will have to wait until sunrise. people along delaware's coastline have filled emergency shelters after the state's governor, jack markil asking for evaluation. firefighters say four unoccupied buildings have collapsed. no one was injured. at least 2 million people have lost power. five deaths have been report in new york state with deaths reported in new jerse
to wait. people should be calling with real emergencies. a genuine emergency, lower manhattan, virtually cut off for electricity to this entire region red getting a good view, a view of the freedom tower. working under its own illumination. it is lower manhattan. as you can see, very few were working in lower manhattan. in and out of the area, by the way, continuing to be shut down tomorrow. of manhattan a ghost town. of course september 11, the world trade center. all in that neck of the woods. this is also home of the new york stock exchange. that organization, seo o'leary leibowitz on the fun of me right now. as expecting, trading will not happen tomorrow. a lot of folks now bidding concern for wednesday with all the company flooding and whether even if you wanted trade technically you will be able to trade. what. neil? >> well, look. weeare making every effort to make sure that we can trade on wednesday. lots of plants. we are working through everything we can. our every intention. the other changes in the u.s. markets that we will open the market. neil: we are looking at midtown man
of manhattan cut off, under water and in the dark. forcing hospitals to evacuate even the smallest patients. in a beachfront community in queens, firefighters watch helplessly as a neighborhood goes up in flames. and two governors declare states of emergency as the megastorm hurtled north and rescuers searches for survivors with tall ships gone down. >> from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran in main day, new jersey. bill weir in erie, pennsylvania. and cynthia mcfadden in new york city. this is a special edition of "nightline." "the perfect storm." october 29th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden in new york. tonight, a deadly storm unlike any this city has seen before. for the first time since 9/11, all bridges and tunnels leading in and out of manhatt hathattan closed down. the city remains eerily dark and quiet tonight after a massive superstorm left half the city without power and partially under water. the historic storm continues to wreak havoc up and down the atlantic tee board from the carolinas to connecticut, claiming at least 13 lives and kaing blackouts
was unleashed last night, leaving millions in new york without power and widespread flooding in lower manhattan. break hasas triggered a major rescue operation. our correspondent has this report. >> the city that never sleeps, plunged into darkness. a perfect storm of strong winds, high tides, and a surge of seawater has paralyzed lower manhattan and the water poured into tunnels and underground car parked. no one here has seen anything like this before. >> i don't know what is going on. what the hell is this? >> a power station exploded on the east side of the city. elsewhere, fires broke out like this one in queens. 50 homes were destroyed. firefighters struggled to stem the blaze. >> it started in one building. it was blowing across. so far, this has involved the five buildings and numerous have collapsed. we cannot get in the apparatus up the block. >> millions of residents were told to stay at home. call 911 unless it is a real life threatening emergency. don't go out and don't drive. >> the coast of new jersey was the first part of the eastern seaboard to feel the full force of the hurric
, over a 1,000-mile area. here in manhattan where we already posted records on that front, a crane is dangling from a skyscraper in midtown and it could drop at any time. the latest as we continue to track storm sandy. track storm sandy. let's go out front. -- captions by vitac -- >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett "outfront" tonight. i want to welcome our viewers from around the world who are watching this storm that we've been watching over 1,000 mile area here on the east coast of the united states. affecting about 20% of the united states population. flooding has been the big issue. where i'm standing right now, those of you who are watching the earlier, know the water was up above my knee. we set a record here in lower manhattan, in terms of a storm surge. the record is 13.88 feet, exceeding by almost three feet the record set back in 1960 with hurricane donna. that's just some of the records we've seen as the storm continues to strike across the 1,000-mile area as it continues to head north. in new york, the largest transit system is closed. the stock
york. just a few moments ago, i was at battery park. the lowest levels in manhattan, they have not broken the record there for the amount of flooding. it is at 11.25 feet. the water continues to rise. this is what is a designated mandatory evacuation. i can tell you that despite the mandatory evacuation, they feel that they can ride this one out. i can tell you that it is only going to get worse. at last word, we were told the lights are still on and they are increasingly being cut off. people are trying to prevent damage to their systems, they will be trapped in the buildings. they will not be able to get water. all throughout lower manhattan, the water level is rising. please do so in the next few minutes. i watched the water level rise matter of feet in just about one hour. neil: david lee miller. you heard about his comment. -he fact of the matter is much like how they have a big drain on the utilities. everyone is using air conditioners are the same time in the middle of a heat wave. organizing this energy disruption. trying to save it for the greater good. a little bit of
and the bridge connecting manhattan and brooklyn. con edison reports that almost all of manhattan all the way down to the battery, that's the lower tip of the city, all of it without power. more than 300,000 homes without power in new york city. 3.6 million along the east coast. already it's been a deadly storm. at least ten deaths reported. new york, new jersey, connecticut, pennsylvania, west virginia, we have video from manhattan's east side. let's get you caught up on what is going on here in new york. michelle franzen is on the phone with us from battery park city. that's the lower tip of manhattan where a lot of people who are tourists know where to go. michelle, what's the latest where you are? >> chris, i just walked down here to the area where the water was rushing up earlier. it's definitely retreating but certainly not passed the walkway. a long way to go for that. battery set a record, nearly 14 foot -- 14 feet for the final measurements of the surge in this area. the last time the records were taken in the battery was in 1821 when that record first stood and that was december 11t
, covering the remains of super storm sandy. i'm in new york city, lower manhattan this morning. also lots to bring up to speed with across this city. there's a major fire that is burning. dozens of homes have been destroyed by this raging fire and there are two dozen more that are still burning. update you on what's happening there. also, in lower manhattan where i am today, flooded by historic storm surge, a power transformer not very far from here has exploded. it plunged this neighborhood into darkness, forced the evacuation as well, the partial evacuation of one of new york's largest hospitals. transportation here in the city has been paralyzed. the subway system could be shut down for days. from the carolinas to new england and beyond, cnn is covering the aftermath of the storm here in new york and where this super storm is headed, like no other network can. it is tuesday, october 30th and special coverage of super storm sandy begins right now. >>> morning. welcome, everybody. you're watching our special coverage. we want to welcome our international viewers. they've been calling thi
it's coming ashore and a crane teetering pair alsoly on a manhattan as hurricane sandy does its job. and take a look at this. the crane appears to be just hanging on. the new york city mayor says it's not in danger of falling. we'll take you live to the scene. as the monster storm moves on to it land and nails the northeast. >> hurricane on steroids, i think she just juiced up. >> do not underestimate lives. >> this looks like another meti where we need to come together all across the country. >> shepard: tonight, the epic threat from super storm sandy. ' its first from fox this monday night, seems the forecasters were right on almost every single point. the east coast of the u.s. now taking a direct hit from the most powerful storm ever to hit the region. ever in recorded history. and tonight, officials in maryland are reporting the first death they have just reported it. and what they are calling a storm related crash. a life look now point pleasant in new jersey where the sun has set near the spot hurricane is now coming ashore: they say the monster storm will spread devastation
sullivan of 5:00 p.m. we'll have that for you as well. i >> a live look at the dark in lower manhattan. around battery park, rather ominous there. >> new york city. he met did i tell you that you are an evacuee? >> we wear it with pride. >> political status? >> i don't know. now, listen, one of the lucky ones. a place to go. there are shelters in the area of zone a. we have blackouts in 1977, but we've never had a blackout and flooding. >> you can see a cruiser right there, presumably locking down the street. parts of lower manhattan have serious flooding, as well as the subway systems there. tony fernandez has been out there all evening. can you paint a better picture breast? >> a lot of starbucks cups, no surprise, here there are larger wooden items that made its way throughout the course of wherever that water is originating from. the hudson river, where ever else it went through over the evening. it brought a lot of large agree with that as well. a testament to the power of the water when it was here. you guys really hit it on the head. it is very eerie out here. not the kind of wa
the river from lower manhattan. >> reporter: it is a desperate situation for many here in hoboken, what happened is water of hudson river, here, surged up the slight slope. just off the river bank, then downward on to streets that are essentially at or below the level of the river, those streets, maybe remain cover -- many remain covered by water, national guard arrived today, going residence to residence, getting people out by trucks, and many cases boat. we spoke with a few who said they were stuck, trapped in their apartment buildings, since the storm hit on monday night. a very difficult situation for them, we saw one lady coming off of one of those trucks in a wheelchair. a awful experience they have gone through in last 48 hours. a lot of businesses and offices reopening in manhattan issue but for many who live here in new jersey and have to get there, it is almost impossible to. the traffic jams men it took people 6 hours to go the few short miles from hoboken to manhattan today there is no new jersey transit, no subway service, there will be a very limited subway service in new
manhattan, not far from the stock exchange tonight. broadway is closed, all theaters are dark. most of the routes into and out of the city are cut off. times square is desolate at this hour, a sight you seldom see. we have a lot of ground to cover, knowing close to a million of our potential viewers in the east can't see us tonight because of the power outages. let's start on the hard-hit new jersey shore, meteorologist mike seidel is at pleasant point beach. and mark, i saw your site, i am curious to learn where you are. >> reporter: yeah, good evening, brian, and pardon the lighting but we're doing the best we can tonight without electricity. the power is out. i just saw some more power flashes here. we had to leave our position on the beach about an hour and a half ago, first, the dish was taking quite a beating from the wind. we don't want to lose the dish, then we pull inland to get off the beach. and the whole property is under water. we're a ways back, look behind me down the street, the water is rushing down the street like a river, coming down in rapids. and earlier, we got
park. i'm here with rob marciano. up in manhattan, we're seeing severe flooding in a number of areas. we just heard from mayor michael bloomberg. most of the tunnels going into new york have been closed. conflicting information on the lincoln tunnels. i'm not sure if that's open yet or not. but all the bridges and most of the tunnels are certainly closed. at this point, we're seeing less winds here. it's died down a little bit. at least we were able to get the satellite dish up. i'm told we're surrounded by water right now. >> this is what a lot of people up and down the shore are seeing right now. the storm walls have been breached. once you get past the sand dunes, are then at or slightly below sea level. what's scary, as bad as this is here, it almost feels like a situation where mississippi just got hammered with the surge and the wind. but further away, in new orleans, that city started to fill with water. that's kind of what we're seeing in lower manhattan right now, as some of the subways continue to fill with water. >> we're getting word that in the battery tunnel, there was
of the devastation across a huge section of the east coast including flooding in downtown manhattan, and the gambling mecca of atlantic city n west virginia severe blizzard conditions. five million people without power. >> this monster storm bringing virtually all transportation did do a stand still no. one going anywhere. the transit situation at the local areas where we find molly in washington what is going on there? >> over the course of yesterday, today, tomorrow, nearly 14,000 flights will have been cancelled because of sandy. this is we're talking flights in and out of the northeast corridor of the u.s. usually one of the busiest sections of the country whit comes to daily air travel. that is 13600 flights cancelled yesterday. 7600 flights cancelled today. and more than 4800 cancelled for tomorrow, we expect that number to go up. if you have a flight be sure to call haerkd sheer how one official explained it this is similar to what you can see in a snow storm. with the absence of snow. airlines moving planes out and work for the storms to pass then work quickly to resume normal operations afte
.8 million people without power. the water is rising from atlantic city to lower manhattan. in long island cars are floating down the streets. an extraordinary sight. you're looking live at new york's west 57th street, three blocks from our cnn studio, where a crane on top of a luxury skyscraper collapsed this afternoon, dangling precariously ever since. it could come crashing down at any moment. the streets have been closed off around it and nearby buildings have been evacuated. meanwhile, the facade of an apartment building in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood has collapsed tonight. new york city council speaker christine quinn will be calling in live from the scene in just a few moments. and cnn's best people all across the storm for us tonight. ali velshi is in atlantic city. erin burnett in battery park where the water is already higher than it may have ever been before. jason carroll is in lindenhurst, long island where the worst of the storm is hitting right now, plus chad myers is tracking the path of this dangerous storm from the cnn severe weather center. i want to go to erin burn
. reports just in that a middle eastern man tried to blow up the federal reserve bank in manhattan today. lower manhattan, to be exact a few blocks from the scene of the 9/11 attacks in a plan similar to the first world trade center attack back in 1993. the terrorist wannabe park add van filled with what were presumably expensives outside the liberty street building and reportedly planned to then set the explosives off using a cell phone but it was all part of a trap via an undercover f.b.i. agent who was to have provided the materials. the unidentified suspect caught the f.b.i.'s attention after posting something about jihad online. the agent in question made contact with this guy three months ago and has been tracking and working with him each day. the suspect reportedly telling him that he wanted to blow up a bank. now, reports are he wanted to go after president obama. no one is sure, but, today was on be the day, this morning, parking that van, and hurrying over to the hotel near the world trade center where he then tried to trigger the explosion on his cell phone. nothing happened
here striking the east coast. sandy now delivering a big wallop to manhattan, where i am standing. where i am standing, is soon to have record. it will be high tide sometime within the next two hours. the hudson river soon is going to crest right over where we are now to a peak surf to about 12 feet. again, that would be a record and in so many ways, the storm is a record when you look at the wind gusts. some of the winds that have been coming down in battery park have been incredible. feels like little needles are hitting you in the face. a crane here in new york has put a force in a danger zone. we have all that coming up through the next hour. live breaking the coverage continues of sandy. let's go "outfront." and good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, i am live in new york city. a part of the city that has been evacuated. new york city is under siege right now from sandy -- a little hard here, even to talk, as you can tell. let's get to chad myers in atlanta. i know it's been downgraded, but right here, it feels like it's stronger by the -- >> it's just
is already a busy day in midtown, manhattan. it is about as windy and inhospitable as it has ever been in recent memory. further uptown, radio city, which is getting ready for its famed christmas show in a little more tha weeks. hang a left towards columbus circle, and you have an ongoing construction potential catastrophe developing. this is earlier today. outside a building known as 157. this is one of the grandest and most expensive buildings on the planet. i say that because when it is completed by the spring, it will be the tallest residential structure on all of god's earth. also, the priciest when all of god's earth. the penthouse of that building is $100 million. average sales for condos in that unit, and keep in mind, it is virtually all sold out, even before it was finished. $10 million. now, you have this crane is falling apart in the bad winds that we were picking up earlier this morning. nothing compared to the winds that have yet to pick up. in fact, they caught this by waves of audio and pedestrian traffic. the thorough fare that the world uses has been reduced to a halt
the way up to new york. the island of manhattan inundated as the hudson and east rivers flooded. places like little ferry, new jersey, utterly devastated. rescue teams spent all day fishing people out of their submerged homes. among those picked up, maryan, now wearing her brother's pajamas, all of her clothes lost in the storm. >> we tried to evacuate, and the water was up to here on us and we lost everything. we're alive, we are together and we have our cat. >> reporter: they are shuttle into a sheriff's van. >> i never thought i'd be in the back of one of these. >> reporter: no idea where they are even going. >> a wale of water this high came rushing over the stairwell. >> reporter: others, like the richardson family, chose to stay behind despite their living room and kitchen in three feet of water. >> nothing to do now but just clean up. that's it. >> reporter: throughout the northeast, 8.2 million customers without power. 65% of new jersey in the dark. new jersey's governor chris christie, phone nor his brashness seemed himself moved by what he saw. >> as a kid who was a boy raised
're live as the superstorm 1,000 miles wides at the island of manhattan, cut off, under water and in the dark. >>> and warning that the worst is not over. nine governors declare states of emergency as the megastorm hurtles north and rescuers search for survivors of the tall ship gone down. >>> and good evening. i'm cynthia mcfadden in new york city and tonight we're in the midst of a deadly storm unlike any this city has seen before. for the first time since 9/11, all bridges and tunnels leading in and out of the city are closed down, and this is what manhattan looks like tonight. eerily dark and quiet as this massive superstorm has left half of the city without power and partially under water. at nyu hospital one of the biggest in the city and the country, the backup generators have failed forcing rescue personnel to evacuate patients. this historic storm tonight is wreaking havoc up and down the atlantic seaboard from the carolinas to connecticut, claiming at least ten lives so far. flooding entire towns, causing blackouts across the midatlantic and midwest and snoerms frwst
south of 309th street, manhattan, all the power is out. huge portions of our viewing area under water,,inundated with water at this moment. you're looking live, i believe that is the trevor rowe brakes, one of the last bridge is to close, closed at about 7:00 p.m., but we have people trapped all over the city. we have people in midtown manhattan trapped in their apartments, people in queens to muster an island, and we have this water that fortunately just reported essentially crested or peaked about maybe ten minutes ago and should, should start ebbing. well, it already has. essentially we have passed, as mayor bloomberg said,,the worst of it. the worst of the storm is beyond us, and the waters are starting to recede. >> yes. lower manhattan. the water is starting to slowly go down, and i'm going to emphasize slowly. we still have the flow coming up from the atlantic. the tide is going out, but it's going to be a slow process in doing this, so there will still be a fair amount of standing water for several more hours, particularly in the areas that have been hit hard. again, that is t
't imagine. you have 13 foot waves coming over in manhattan. huge. what would happen under two degrees is a 45 foot rise in the oceans everywhere. 45 feet. >> jennifer: manhattan would be completely underwater. >> so much of america. europe south america asia. >> jennifer: when mitt romney mocks the rising of the oceans, it is due directly to the climate, that centigrade creeping toward two degrees right? >> you melt the ice and it just goes huge. >> jennifer: all right. it is an amazing thing and language is important. we've got to be clear about it, progressives. george lakoff, professor at u.c. berkeley. thanks so much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> jennifer: up next, it is a storm that new york city is never going to likely forget. we're going go there live for the latest. this is "the war room" on current tv. got some great guests coming up. >>now it's your turn. connect with "the war room" jennifer granholm. >>it's a call to arms. make your voice heard. >> jennifer: we're once again bringing in our own cu
of the new york harbor where we have seen incredible flooding across parts of manhattan and lower manhattan. big time snows across the area of the central appalachians. we have blizzard warnings here. we have winds that are over 35 miles an hour and very heavy snow. it is reducing visibility. it will be causing drifting conditions. some areas will see well over two feet of snow by the time this is done and maybe even significantly higher than that. the bull's eye of snow is across west virginia. we will see it across tennessee, kentucky and maybe to the north georgia mountains. we will see snow across parts of ohio accumulating by the time this is done. we still have understand winds. winds are gusting across the coastal areas. take a look at these numbers. gusting at 62 miles an hour in cleavland. 53 miles an hour in columbus, ohio. 41 miles an hour in chicago. we will likely see some waves predicting around 20 to 22 feet or so. coming off these lakes with the strong winds, i think the better chance is across lake michigan. you should have a longer distance of water for the winds to go ove
financial markets again an floods parts of lower manhattan. >> and bp hikes it dividend. we hear from bob dudley. >> and ubs will cut 10,000 jobs and wind down its fixed income business. >> plus the bank of japan steps in to boost the economy for a second straight month with another easing move. welcome back, everybody. one hour of the good stuff today. plenty to get through today for hurricane sandy, as well. >> europe went off daylight savings time a week ahead of the u.s. back to full schedule next week. in the meantime, sandy is no longer a hurricane by name, but still making a major impact. storm made landfall monday night along new jersey east koer. still packing hurricane force sandy is expected to weaken, but the rain could linger. already at least ten deaths have been blamed on the storm. u.s. markets will be closed for a second day today. still electronic trading. the last time by the way the new york stock exchange was closed for more than a day because of weather, 1888. when a snowstorm piled up to 40-foot drifts. u.s. refineries had to shut nearly all the east coast fuel supp
pelley reporting tonight from lower manhattan. >> pelley: this is a special expanded edition. good evening. we're on the southern tip of manhattan, the area known as the battery, named for the battery of cannons erected here in the 17th century to defend the young city. but nothing could defend new york city from the wall of water that came crashing ashore in one of the biggest storms so far of the 21st century. hurricane sandy filled the tunnels here with floodwaters unlike anything the city has seen in decades. the storm brought misery to 14 states from north carolina to maine. at least 35 people in nine states have been killed. and more than seven million homes and businesses up and down the coast are without electricity tonight. officials say it could be days, if not weeks, before all the power is restored. close to one million people have been evacuated. more than 18,000 are living in shelters. downtown new york city, the financial capital of the world, was largely shut down for a second day with the power out and the streets flooded. governor andrew cuomo called the scene "fr
, most of lower manhattan remains without power this morning. here's a live image. in the foreground is brooklyn, where the power's on. but across the river, absolute blackout. the local utility, con ed, actually had to cut power to some areas of brooklyn and staten island overnight. and along the jersey shore, the view from the air revealing just how much devastation that popular tourist area suffered. there's worries about leaking fuel in some still-flooded towns. new jersey governor chris christie is promising the area will be rebuilt. he says it won't be the same, though. >>> and further from the east coast, sandy will go down as a massive snowmaker. one ski resort in west virginia reported three feet of mostly heavy, wet snow that was blown by 60-mile-per-hour winds. the weight of the snow was too much for some trees, many of which collapsed across roads, forcing those roads to close. >> the scope is just unbelievable. >>> once again this morning, our broadcast is dedicated to the latest on the storm and its aftermath. >> and so, we begin with abc's mark greenblatt. he's in hard
was a fake. so were we don't know. this were we know: lower manhattan. terror. jihad. ring a bell? it does to my next guest. with us now is former f.b.i. agent. bill, wow. >>guest: wow and certainly very sobering here in the context of what happened in libya and certainly during the season of campaign for the presidency. it shows you that even if this is a self-proclaimed, maybe self radicalized individual, but it goes do show you that the people are out there and their intent is to attack us in our nation's heart and center of our financial world which still is considered to be downtown manhattan. >>neil: we are getting information from the d.a. in lower manhattan. the suspect is 21 years old and arrested in downtown manhattan for attempting to detonate a device outside the new york federal reserve on liberty street and faces charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction in attempting to provide material support to al qaeda. you know how this stuff is pieced together but authorities were working following and trying to target how wide this guy's swath was, for the better part
residence in the streets of manhattan, and if it is a significant group it would be reminiscent of after help help when -- 9/11 when the national guard was last used like this. and now an eye on hurricane sandy hours away from hitting land and it will hit the middle of new jersey, around atlantic city at a time when this storm has already been causing havoc among the most populated regions of the country, stepping back from this, this is an area that affected one out of five living americans and if you citizen the reach beyond those directly impacted to those who could be in the days and weeks appear you are talking about one in four members. so, a cobs station with a population that obviously doesn't need any further explanation. we should also let you know they are shutting this island of manhattan down. already the brooklyn battery and holland tunnel and to and from the lower part of manhattan are shut down and the north most bridge on the island is shut down. but the mayor has made it clear if the wins pick up he would shut down virtually all remaining arteries connecting this city t
to 11 feet. the damage from sandy was on display hundreds of feet above manhattan today. you're seeing a youtube video of a crane collapsing on the 57th street high-rise. city officials say workers would not be able to access the crane to keep it from falling. at this hour, the crane is still hanging in the air over the city. reside residents of the nearby buildings and businesses have been evacuated. beach front communities already experienced flooding and massive water damage. this shot is from seaside heights, new jersey. in atlantic city, large chunks of boardwalk were just washed away. new jersey officials say they may not be able to reach people stuck in areas for days. residents are being told to stay off the roads due to flooding and wind gusts. winds of 90 miles per hour are reported at this hour. damage from fly iing debris is extensive. but the total amount of destruction certainly is not known. the united states coast guard earlier today engaged in a mid-ocean rescue of 14 crew members of a private ship called the hms bounty. the rescue occurred this morning over the atlant
virginia to mags ma massachusetts. >> look at this. this is the crane atop a luxury manhattan skyscraper. now it's 730 stories. going up to 90. it's swaying back and forth over west 57th street. let's get to meteorologist ivan cabrera joining us with the latest on the superstorm. where is sandy right now? >> sandy is inland at this point here. unlike a hurricane, it's going to be a long one here. this is not weakening. remember, when a hurricane that makes landfall, we're relaxing a bit. the storm gets the energy from the ocean here. this is no longer a hurricane, no longer a tropical system, it's a hybrid storm. it's post-tropical, nor'easters from the mid-atlantic to northeast. it gets its energy from the differences in temperature here. we have cold air to the north and west, south and east. sandy is glad to be inland because it's merging with the jet stream. with an upper level disturbance so everything is coming together for this to continue to be a mess through the overnight. very heavy rainfall. the snow coming down, just incredible amounts across portions of the appalachians. we'
york, all of lower manhattan below 39th street is without power. some of that caused by an explosion at a con ed substation. right now new york city is seeing more power outages than at any time in its history including two out of every three people on long island. it's also forced the evacuation of the nyu medical center after the generator there went out. further south the storm surge in battery park set an all-time record exceeding 13 feet and flooding subways, tunnels and ground zero. the head of the mass transit authority said it is the worst flooding the subways have ever seen. the financial district was also swamped. officials have announced that the stock exchange will be closed for a second day today. over in new jersey, some subway stations are flooded. this shows you a station in hoboken. the mayor there says the city is half underwater. they tried to get in the national guard and they couldn't get in. in connecticut, the governor is urging evacuations of coastal cities from stamford to bridgeport due to floodwaters. the national guard has been put on standby to help rescu
in the last half hour how the sun came out. what a difference 20 minutes makes in midtown manhattan. >> two minutes ago we had a major downpour behind us, the wind picked up considerably, one of our cameras blew over, but if you look at the satellite image of the aftermath of sandy which is now just a mass of clouds and rain you see we for the next day or two, we'll be dealing with these kind of stray gusts of wind and rainstorms, so this is something i heard one forecaster say we'll deal with the high winds and the gusts of winds through tomorrow night into thursday, but, again, it did just get dark here, and we had a lot of rain over the last couple of minutes. >> tide still coming in, flo flooding, storm surge still a problem. >> the death toll from this storm has risen to 17 people from seven different states n.queens just outside new york city, dozens of homes have been lost in an overnight fire. it is still burning this morning. we'll have the latest on that straight ahead. >> and a lot of people are asking us questions. they want to know what's going on. we'll be answering them a lit
of harms way. >> okay, is it lower manhattan where did you see the hardest hit area? >> yes, a few blocks away in queens, quite a bit of force winds and flooding. lower manhattan is where there is a major concentration of infrastructures. >> are there any assets at all that will be moving tomorrow? any kind of buses? anything from mta that is on the move now? >> i wish i could give you some kind of certainty. we don't know for sure. i would say that if history is a guide, it is unlikely that we will have major restoration tomorrow. >> when will you now? >> we are working through the night to look at the damage. to assess the damage. as soon as we know, we will put it on every channel we have come to speaking with you guys, put it out of the press and twitter and everything like that. as soon as we know, customers will now. we encourage everyone to keep an eye on our website. we have the most up-to-date information. >> a small question, and i would love to get an answer. even though some people give me a hard time. as you know, the buses are not rolling right now. is it okay to park, as i
in midtown manhattan on west 57th street at the top of a luxury building being built right now. fire fighters have been on the scene trying to secure it and keeping it from crashing to the street below. our robert frank is there live tonight and will have more on this developing story in just a few minutes, but first, cnbc's scott cohn and bob pisani are covering the impact of this storm on the financial center of the world. scott's there on the water near wall street, but first here's bob pisani reporting on wal street's rather unprecedented decision to close for a second straight day. bob? >> reporter: and here's what's important, guys. tomorrow will be another day a lot like today and what's going on here. the nyse and the nasdaq will be closed but the cboe will be closed as well, but the chicago mercantile exchange will be running futures and options includiso everything will be closed and the big push is on wednesday. wednesday is the last trading day. many traders want an opportunity to trade on the last day. in addition it's the end of the career for some funds. they, too, may want to
sound. there's only one way in and out of long island sound when you get back here toward manhattan. that's called the east river. this water's going to want to go down the east river and all this water's going to want to go up the east river, and that's the collision that's occurring right now. roosevelt island, up near laguardia, kings point, that's where two water masses are colliding. one wanting to go one way, the other wanting to go the other way. that water, that surge is coming up very, very quickly. the surge will continue for anderson cooper. the surge will even get stronger for ali velshi and all along this new jersey coast, things are very significant at this hour. one more thing to talk about is that all of this wind is still in here into connecticut. i'm still getting wind gusts to 84 miles per hour in connecticut and into rhode island and also here all the way up toward barnstable. big waves in the ocean. some of this storm surge, 12, 10, 15 feet, will have waves on top of it 5 or 10 or 15 feet, so that's overwashing some of the barrier islands. that's why all 38 barr
team work and it goes off successfully. as you can see here, though, still in lower manhattan, we are in the dark right now. and hopefully, we continue to see more stories of hope like this. instead of stories of sadness that we're likely going to see in the next few days. >> thanks to brandi hitt, live from manhattan. thank you, brandi. >>> we turn to one of the most haunting images from sandy. a destructive fire turned a queens new york neighborhood into a pile of burning embers. >> the flames ripping through 111 homes fanned by sandy's powerful wind. this morning it is being called one of the worst the city has ever seen. we have more now from abc's elizabeth vargas. >> reporter: breezy point was engulfed not only by wind and rain from hurricane sandy, but something unexpected, fire. >> dozens, up to 100 homes have been decimated. and left in a rubble. >> reporter: a stunned beach front community, firemen, policemen, blue-collar workers took stock of what was gone. not a single thing you can save? >> nothing i can really identify. except for the kitchen tile and bathroom tile.
york subway system. >> and look at these pictures. miles of manhattan plunged into darkness overnight. there, you see, the largest storm-related power outage ever. that's the picture of a dark manhattan skyline. >> our extreme weather team has been on the front lines of the storm from the very beginning. sam leads off our coverage from battery park in lower manhattan. good morning, sam. >> good morning. we're at the very tip of manhattan. last night, yesterday, this water that is the new york harbor, was all through this area. we could not stand here. this railing, the water was at the top of the railing. the water is down. but sandy came onshore with everything a superstorm was expected to. that incredible surge, record-setting, 14 feet of additional water in new york harbor. here's where the storm is right now. it's not just a coastal stm. and it's not just a new york storm. look at that area of low pressure. that's what's left of sandy. it's rain along the coastline and snow inland. we'll see tropical storm-forced winds at least in every area you're seeing the rain and snow. sandy,
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